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Generate short links for use in social media like Twitter and Facebook!
Short link and URL shortening services, including analytics.

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Generate a custom link! Custom link and URL shortening services, including analytics.

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HELP: How to use 1link.one

How can I create a short link?

Nothing could be simpler. To create a short link, just enter the destination URL and click on "Get Link" to confirm. In a matter of seconds, you'll receive a short URL like http://1b.yt/eYL3k, which will redirect to your web address.

Why use a URL shortener?

When you use our URL shortening service for your social media accounts like Twitter, you can immediately share the short link on your page, along with a message. You can also use a URL shortener to mask affiliate referral links or other types of exotic URLs. It's even possible to retrieve a short URL with the QR code on your mobile phone to send it via SMS, for example.

How can I create a custom link?

To create a custom link, the text or title to be used in the URL must adhere to certain rules:

  • The length of the text must be between 6 and 28 characters.
  • The text may only contain alphanumeric characters, a hyphen or an underscore.
  • Brand names may not be used or distorted.

How can I view the URL analytics?

To get the statistics on a link, click on the "Short Link Analytics" tab and display the information using the "http://1b.yt/eYL3k" short URL or "eYL3k" code. The pie graphs and line graph showing the number of visits only cover the past 30 days.

View link analytics

Enter the link reference to get the information on the short link and display the corresponding statistics.

View short link statistics
Track and analyze statistics from your short links, day by day: number of visits, number of visitors, social networking, and all traffic source or show World map with statistics for each country.

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